Unique in Indonesia

December 1st, 2004 our company introduced the Dutch Stroopwafel in Indonesia. We started developing and producing the cookies under license of Molen-Holland so that we are guaranteed a good and high quality product.

We developed our own dough and syrup in Indonesia. This makes it unique in flavor because of a mixture of local and imported products, but still has the characteristics of the Dutch Stroopwafel. For the local as well as the imported products, we use the same high quality standards.

Dutch expertise
Through his experience in the Dutch food industry with its high requirements regulated in the HACCP standards, Huib Bruinink is the best resource we have related to food hygiene and quality in helping the company to develop and keep the high standards for which we aim. Huib also brings his expertise regarding Dutch specialties.

Together with Huib Bruinink we developed the dough and the special syrup. Now we have a unique and perfect product. To keep up with our own requirements of a fresh delicacy and high quality product, we are producing the cookies in Indonesia so that they are fresh when bought by our customers.

As of today everyone in Indonesia can enjoy this delicacy and specialty from Holland

Our team is looking forward to serving you with our products.


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